Tattooed candidates: 7 reasons to hire one!


In an incredibly competitive job market, potential employers can’t afford to overlook what could be the perfect candidate based solely on their decorated appearance. People with tattoos possess unique and valuable skills that any business would benefit from.  

Here are 7 REASONS TO HIRE TATTOOED CANDIDATES for your organisation’s job vacancies.

Tattooed people are creative.

An article on LinkedIn detailing the most in-demand skills of 2020 details that the most sought-after soft skill for any employer is creativity. Could there be a better way to reinforce a potential employee’s creativity other than by showing off their unique and visibly bold appearance? Tattoos are a way of expressing this creativity and showing it off to customers and colleagues alike. Kevin Kaiser wrote a blog titled 20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand and hit the nail on the head when he said that creative people challenge the status quo.

Creative thinkers ask the “what if” and “why not” questions making us inquisitive problem seekers and insightful problem solvers; creatives take calculated risks and come up with unique solutions.

Tattooed candidates are unique and naturally stand out from the crowd.

Irrespective of industry or role, vacancy after vacancy all seem to have one thing in common; the requirement for the potential tattooed candidate to stand out from the crowd.

The one thing that tattooed individuals manage to do – and well – is stand out from the crowd. Our default setting is to stand out, be unique and we believe in what it is to buck the conventional. People with tattoos recognise the importance of making an impression and leaving a lasting impact in the minds of people (and potential employers) around us.

Being able to stand out from the crowd and apply that to a business model will place a brand at the forefront of their customer’s minds when it comes to decision making; tattooed candidates have an existing understanding of the advantages to this approach.

Tattooed candidates are relatable and approachable.

In a recent tattoo statistics article by CompareCamp, it was revealed that 35% of UK citizens aged 30-39 are tattooed. Compare this to Statista’s numbers on the median age of the global labour force and you’ll find that in 2020, the average age of the global employee is 39 years old. Relatable? Absolutely! By this comparison, a third of the average workforce in the UK is a tattooed individual; there is nothing more relatable than another tattooed individual.

Being a tattooed candidate is like belonging to a community of like-minded people who understand each other. We understand the need for self-expression and recognise the bravery and commitment that being tattooed represents. Visible tattoos are a conversation starter and a way of relating to each other, easily finding an immediate common ground outside of smarts and skills. I love being involved in conversations about my tattoos; why I chose the designs and which tattoo hurt the most (still a tough choice).

The ability for a business to come across as approachable breeds a sense of familiarity with its customers, this in turn builds trust and leads to successful relationships.

People with tattoos are experts in being brave and resilient.

Tattoos are painful. We are faced with all kinds of discomfort from the tattooing to the healing and still, we keep going back for more. The more tattoos we have, the less space there is for more and so the more it hurts because the only spaces left are the worst spaces – facts. Getting tattooed in itself is an act of bravery; strength and resilience.

It takes courage and confidence to purposefully tattoo visible areas of the body, areas that cannot be hidden by corporate attire or day to day clothing. Though being tattooed is more societally acceptable than it ever has been, there are still stereotypical misconceptions about tattooed people. There are still those people in society who choose to criticise us for our colourful choices and so we have learned to be thicker-skinned when it comes to this kind of judgement. I am yet to meet a tattooed individual who meets this negative stigma with resentment; instead, we look at it as an opportunity to educate and influence ill-informed perceptions.

Resilient employees (tattooed candidates) are best at stress management and the ability to adopt coping mechanisms in high-stress situations – when the going gets tough, the resilient get resourceful.  

Tattooed individuals are dedicated; passionate and committed to their decisions.

It wasn’t too far into adulthood that I knew being tattooed was a part of who I am as an individual. It started out with small; less conspicuous and more meaningful tattoos but later progressed to larger, more colourful pieces chosen for their design. My passion for body modification grew, as did my dedication to my identity. People with tattoos are dedicated to being true to who they are; it takes real and absolute commitment when getting a tattoo done knowing that this artwork is a permanent and life-long decision.  

Dedication; passion and commitment are all valued attributes in the workplace. Employees that demonstrate a dedication to their role show a keen and eager willingness to learn and desire to succeed.

A love for tattoos is a curious appreciation for beautiful things.

In my mind, there is nothing more beautiful than the human body completely covered in carefully considered, artistically applied tattoos. People who love tattoos tend to spend a lot of time researching and appreciating the art of their favourite tattoo artists and creators. Tattoo collectors demonstrate a love and passion for something not yet fully accepted in society; we see the beauty that some people may choose to ignore or not even see at all. Tattooed people are curious and always on the lookout for the next beautiful piece to add to their collection.

Being curious in the workplace is a powerful tool; asking questions and learning from others is key to success in any environment.

Patience and tattooed candidacy go hand in hand.

Some of my favourite tattoos have taken in excess of 16-20 hours to complete; though I consider myself somewhat superhuman, this is not possible to do in one day. Patience is extremely important to tattoo collectors as there will be times that tattoos are left unfinished or take multiple sessions to complete. I have tattoos that have been completed in one day (6-8 hours) and the patience required to sit through an agonising session without complaint or too much movement is particularly important for a good quality tattoo.  It is essential as a tattoo enthusiast to have patience with ourselves; recognise our own limitations and plan our approach accordingly.

Being patient in an office environment means the consideration of important decisions; the value of time and knowing our limitations. In the workplace, colleague collaboration is the replacement for the tattooer/tattooee relationship.

Understandably, there will still be industries and workplace environments that are less appreciative of the tattooed aesthetic and this piece in no way undermines the preferences of these employers. That said, if the choice comes down to a skills-based decision, being tattooed should not dissuade a prospective employer from hiring on merit alone.

Shevy Xx

Have you had an experience with hiring a tattooed individual? Been declined a role based on your tattooed appearance?

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